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A Closed Heart Can’t Be Led

A closed heart can’t be led. Anything you do or say that gives permission for people to open their hearts enhances your leadership. Feeling understood: Words that help people feel understood are more… Continue reading →

One Foolish Conversation And Three Keys to Skillful Conversation

One foolish conversation can pollute an entire team. If we understood the pervasive power of conversations, we’d open our mouths with greater care. We’ve all tried to make things better, only to make… Continue reading →

You Judge Others by the Stories You Tell Yourself About Them

The story you tell yourself feels true even when it’s false. We all judge. You help people be themselves when you judge them by who they are, not the story in your head.… Continue reading →

A Getting It Wrong Plan

I came across a pony-tailed biker-type guy with a long scruffy beard in a cigar shop. He was a retired union pipefitter that had traveled the country welding pipes in nuclear power plants.… Continue reading →

Who to Encourage and Who to Kick in the Pants

Experienced leaders benefit most from tough feedback, as long as they’re committed to growth. Novices need encouraging feedback. Negative feedback: Suppose you’ve been working on running great meetings for years and you’re committed… Continue reading →

Dear Dan: How Can I Shut My Trap

Dear Dan, I lead a team of high capacity leaders and we all serve a recovering benevolent dictator, who himself is a dynamic catalyst and the reason for our organization’s growth. Anyway, I… Continue reading →

16 Signs You’re a Toxic Leader

The trouble with toxic leaders is they’re deadly and don’t know it. But if the truth be told, every leader smells at least a little.   Every time toxicity gets its way organizations lose. If you’re easily offended, you’re toxic. If you seldom return favors, you’re toxic. If you talk about yourself most of the … … Continue reading →

Treat People as They Are – Not as You Are

It’s frustrating to expect people to be like you when they are like them. Understanding and accepting people is leadership’s missed opportunity. Don’t be so busy with goals and plans that you forget… Continue reading →

Dear Dan: How Do You Get Lousy Managers to Listen

Dear Dan, I am an attorney. I have a client involved in a worker’s comp claim against the County. This is a small rural county. The claim arose because the man works in… Continue reading →

Dear Dan: Should I Let Her Blame Herself

Dear Dan, I am a relatively inexperienced leader in a small software business.  Recently, one of my people failed to perform to her own expectations and that of our client.   I think… Continue reading →