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About Digital Document Solutions

Digital Document Solutions began its quest over 30 years ago. While the world was watching “Back to the Future” & “Rocky 4” (1985), we were helping our customers streamline their document process. At that time, there wasn’t even an internet to surf.

Q: Why should this matter to you?

A: Our proven business model has helped our customers overcome many challenges brought on by technology that is rapidly changing.

Our partnership with Xerox allows us to reap the benefits of a $1,000,000,000 (billion) research and development program a year with over 10k patents being submitted a month for copyright protection. Almost every home in America uses or has used Xerox technology. For instance, did you know that Xerox invented the mouse, personal computer, and the Ethernet cable? The late Steve Jobs from the Apple Corporation was quoted saying “Xerox never knew what they had.” Not only did Xerox invent the copier, they continue to be the pioneers of our industry.

Our Xerox agency covers a twelve county area on a local level. Providing an in-depth knowledge on cost management, scan & software solutions, and security protocols that prevent your client’s information from being compromised.

Here at dds, we service the following counties:

Bladen | Chatham |Cumberland | Harnett | Hoke | Johnston | Lee | Moore | Richmond | Robeson | Sampson | Scotland

Please call us today (910-867-4414) or CLICK HERE for your free office assessment and see what your local Xerox agency can do for you.

Digital Document Solutions

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